Our Story

2006—Factory was established, main products were computer peripherals, mouse, keyboards, hubs, PC speakers, MP3 players

2009—Started to manufacture car shape mouse. We produced for North America car mouse brand ROADMICE, supplied millions of car mouse to Costco, Safeway, Mayers, Canadian Tire, etc.

2012—Registered our own car mouse brand LANDMICE, successively got license from world famous car brands like Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Bentley, Mercedes, Mclaren, Maserati.

2015—Registered another brand SCP for sports car products, and extended product line to car mount, car chargers, car kit and car branded gifts.

2017—Developed new brand LEBEEK for consumer electronics products like speakers, headphones, power banks and phone accessories. We launched our sister site Voyage Bees for travel enthusiasts.

What We Do

Our car mouse help you own your dream car models fast and easily. Furthermore, it offers you good quality same as the famous car brands. Therefore, you will own a comfortable mouse as well as a delicate car models.

Our products are authentic, officially licensed, hand-crafted optical wireless computer mice compatible with any USB port included on PCs or laptops. Working headlights and smooth lines give these popular cars a realistic look and feel.

Our products are authentic and unique because we know you care about quality. All SCP products are officially reviewed, tested and licensed by popular world-class automobile manufacturing partners. Our models have unique design of replica automobiles and the functionality of the best optical pointing devices on the market.

Let you enjoy ride on your computer with our cool car mouse!

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