3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable | Safe for Driving

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Compatibility : Android/ iPhone/USB Type-C connectors
Life Time: Up to 30000+
Cable Length: 100cm
LED Light Indicator
Colors: Silver, Gold, Black

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3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable

Compatible with All Cellphones

3 in 1 Magnetic charging cable3 in 1 magnetic charging cable is compatible with all major cell phone brands. It has removable and re-attachable magnetic heads with Apple lightning, micro USB, and USB Type-C connectors. In addition, tiny connector head is capable of staying on the phone itself without bothering the user during the normal use. Compatibility covers the phone and tablet brands from Apple, Samsung, LG, Xiomi, Nokia, Huawei, Oneplus.

Safe for Car Drivers

Magnetic Charging Cable

Moreover, This charging cable has a magnetic body which clips onto the car dashboard. Therefore, it is easy for drivers to clip on the charging to their phone using just one hand. When the phone is not charging cable rests on the car dashboard within the sight of a driver. Intelligent automatic power off protection also relieves the pressure from the driver to monitor the charging process. This charging cable is 100 CM long.

 Smart & Reliable Charging Cable

Furthermore, Strong and reliable magnets allow quick automatic positioning without any misalignment.  Charging cable features an LED indicator which lets the user know if charging is in progress or not. Magnetic charging cable has an electrically robust design because it handles the charging current up to 2.4A. It has been tested for magnetic absorption test 30000 times without any damage. Hence, it’s also mechanical robust as well.

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Black, Golden, Silver


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