Geek gift for boyfriend | BMW X6 Car Mouse


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 BMW X6 Geek Gift for Boyfriend

Geek Gift for Boyfriend

BMW X6 Wireless car mouse has a stylish and classic design inspired by BMW’s X6 attention seeker attributes. Furthermore, it has working white front lights along with flashing red tail lights. Therefore, it makes for perfect geek gift for boyfriend. Cars and technology gadgets are few of the most favorite areas of geeks around the world and this BMW X6 mouse fulfills both of them.

2.4 GHz Wireless Mouse

2.4 GHz wireless communication system on BMW X6 car mouse facilitates seamless operation from 30 feet of distance. The compact transmitter with the car computer mouse makes it easy to carry and easy to stay in USB port of the computer. It’s testing and design allows it to excel in all conditions of abnormal blockages.

 Long Battery Life

This BMW X6 wireless car mouse uses single AA battery to power up its electronics. Its position tracking sensor based Avago 2080 offers accurate position information. Therefore, it can track deflect as much as 1 meter per second. Automatic shut off mode in this sensor allows the car computer mouse to switch between working and sleeping mode. Hence, it takes minimal power from the battery. Users do not have to change the battery for as much as 6 months or more depending on the usage of the mouse.

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